Northern Plains Tiling

has full-time staff to aid ag producers
in designing their custom drainage system

to fit the specific needs of the land tract.

Wolfe 540 Plow

Northern Plains Tiling installs drainage tile with a Wolfe 540 Tile Plow using a seven (7) foot parallel link plow.  Trimble® GPS (Global Positioning System) is utilized for precise installation of your drainage tile.  Trimble Farm Works™ software is used during the design process to insure the most efficient layout possible.

Hooking up seepage lines

Northern Plains Tiling will provide detailed estimates for each project.

The knowledgeable staff at Northern Plains Tiling are available to assist with the necessary permitting processes required by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and any watershed permitting requirements by the local watershed board in your area.  The form that is required by the NCRS can be accessed online here Form 1026 if you prefer to start the process on your own.

For a quote & assistance, contact Northern Plains Tiling at 320-598-3999.

Northern Plains Tiling uses Prinsco® Pipe!

Northern Plains Tiling at work:

Excavator at work

Hooking up Seepage LineLoading the Tile Boot

Laying Pipe

Backhoe Work

Excavator and Boot Trailer

Connecting a Seepage Line

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