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Bayer Crop ScienceEvery season, farmers evaluate the numerous companies with which they could do business. Northern Plains Tiling and Bayer® Crop Science are honored millions of farmers and their families decide to put their trust in us and buy our products.  Northern Plains Tiling is proud to serve the area producers with Dekalb® and Asgrow® products for all their crop needs.


Dekalb® corn incorporates exclusive genetics, advanced breeding techniques, innovative trait integration & the potential for maximum yield performance.

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The Northern Plains Tiling staff are dedicated to providing farmers the broadest choice of products and services that help farmers produce more, conserve more and lead improved lives. As your local dealer, we are offering:

  • high-yielding conventional & biotech seeds

  • advanced traits & technologies that enable more nutritious & durable crops

  • safe & effective crop protection solutions


Asgrow® Soybeans consistently deliver the high performance & innovation farmers have grown to depend on year after year!



For all your Bayer® Crop Science needs call 320-598-3999.